Blase Grinner : Who am I?


Spending over a decade in construction as a Supervisor & excelling in Rugby League (NRL Scholarship, captain for Qld & NZ) leadership is my nature. Though it wasn’t always in a healthy way.


As a young “uninitiated” man, many undealt catalysts stacked on top of one another that led me to a path of destruction, (alcohol & drug abuse, porn and gambling addictions) leading to poor self-worth/confidence and lack of direction which meant very little confidence and HIGH level insecurity.


  • – I grew up in commission housing; an “Aussie battler”
  • – I was told “You are the man of the house” at age 7 when dad left
  • – At 18 y/old told “You are sentenced to 3 years jail”
  • – When I was 22 y/old told “don’t let him see you cry, you have to be brave for him” after someone very close to me attempted suicide
  • – Every relationship until my fiancé I left at 2-year mark, when I was “needed to be relied on”
  • – Being unfaithful, deceitful and objectifying women majority of my life from puberty was celebrated by my peers

I share these with you to highlight not only have I walked your path, I have worn your shoes. I feel your pain. I’ve endured it. The shame and guilt ran so deep, GOT SO HEAVY, it was the catalyst for me to embark on my Hero’s Journey and become a man who could stand on his own two feet AND finally find my Freedom. Feel Fulfilment & Live a Purposeful Life.




Just like a 100m sprinter, I realised I needed to take the 3 most important steps of my life.

First I chose that enough is enough and I decides there HAD TO BE another way to be living my life, BOOM I was off the mark. Secondly, built up the inner strength, grit and bravery then reached out AND allowed support in, this was the power move as I no longer thought, I saw a different way. Then thirdly I committed to myself, in that moment to investment in myself. TIME, ENERGY, MONEY! Movement equals movement.  This is when the trajectory of my life sky rocketed.

“It wasn’t the load that was breaking my back, but the way I was carrying it; (on my own)”

“One thing I know we ALL agree on though, is why be monetary rich if you are poor in all other areas of life“

With over 10 years in managing & mentoring men, in 2019 my dedication to men’s work saw me nominated for Sunshine Coast Australia Day Award for Citizen of the year category BUT all of these accolades don’t come close to proposing to my fiancé and being blessed with 2 healthy sons.


I see life as WHOLEistic.  There are many aspects and components of what “being a man” entail’s and it is this diverse for EVERYMAN. This is of very high relevance. MANHOOD isn’t a “1 trick pony” or “blanket rule”, the foundational blueprint is the same YET the journey is of each individual is unique.  I so get that. It’s why I have dedicated my entire life to be of service, especially to men no matter where they are on their journey.



Throughout all of my offerings I will not be your friend, I will be your right-hand corner man. The one who guides and mentors you to continue to step into your greatness, “kicks your arse” (accountability) when procrastination steps in, holds space for you to be with “what comes up” … calls you forward on limiting “mind chatter” and celebrates every.. EVERY win with you along the way.. WITH a whole heap of banter thrown in!  I mention this as “the nice guy” and “people pleaser” trait is what causes much of the challenges men are faced with in our times and I see too many so called “men’s coaches” not willing to go there for you.


I’m Blase Grinner, a men’s transformational coach, my super power transitioning men into their Purpose.

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