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Taking you out of your head and into your heart, to lead life with Purpose.


What is the Mindfit Gym?

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Let's cut straight through the B/S

Do you feel Stuck in a Loop, a Rut or Stagnant with life?

Would Consistent Habits, Tools & Practices that Amplify Your Life and Relationships Allow you to Start Living Freely again?

Do you Lack Confidence, Direction, Purpose or Just Feel Lost?

Would Gaining Clarity in Your Direction Not Only Boost Your Self-Belief/Confidence yet Also Add More Fulfilment, Meaning & Impactful to Your Life?

Do You Catch Yourself Procrastinating or Seem Really “BUSY” Yet Your Highly Unproductive?

Would Your Life Change with High Level Accountability to Finish what you Start and a Proven Framework to CLAIM BACK TIME each day for what’s important?

Do you use “vices” to numb, avoid, isolate or “sweep under the rug” your challenges?

Would Having the Mindset “I’ve got this” when Embracing Challenges/ Fears & Urges be of Benefit to Yourself and Family?

Do you feel like you’re not really “standing on your own two feet” with conviction?

Does knowing that I’ve got WAY MORE to get out of this life drive you more than anything?

It’s time to STOP sitting on the fence & spectating… WE got you bro!


Time to join a team of men that HAVE YOUR BACK!

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"Success is sequential. It's when opportunity, an open mindset, work ethic and structure meet consistency, strategy and alignment of the heart. THEREFORE, playing the game of life never ceases, yet Success becomes your Lifestyle (one win stacked upon another, upon another)"

Blase G.

What Will You Gain From This Experience?

Here’s how you’ll achieve that, AND SOME…..

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after the 3 months you will have all the tools to “coach yourself”

Who is Blase Grinner?

CO-FOUNDER; Conscious Man Brotherhood & MAB Life Adventures

Proud father of 3, Blase Grinner is leading men on the longest journey of their life, from their head to their heart. His style of DIRECT coaching & teaching from what he’s implementing in his own life, has been the draw card for 1000’s of men across the planet, in Blase’s online programs, 3 Day Retreats, Workshops and various Men’s Circles  


His dedication to men’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed with 2 major sponsorships coming on board to support his mission, national Australian icon BCF and Mercedes Benz. In 2019, Blase was nominated for Sunshine Coast Australia Day Award in the Citizen of the Year category, through highly active contributions to his local community.


As his name suggests, he will be bringing the fire that will leave a lasting impression long after the smile leaves your face.  

The difference than other "man coaches"?

Brother, I have walked in your shoes, with a decade in the construction industry. Always finding myself bound by restrictions. Having constraints in how I was supposed to act, think and talk. Until I said F%#K that


I broke free, and I’m here to empower you, and other men to Live the same, LIVING ON YOUR TERMS. On Purpose, with PURPOSE.


We live in a society where, as boys, we were bought up mainly by our mothers, creating a generation of NICE GUYS. Men who seek the approval of others. From Family. Friends. Partners. Society. Employers. Clients. Most man coaches are NICE GUYS & won’t “go there with themselves” (into their shit/ shadows) let alone with you. I’m here to be your corner man!


After 10 years in the trade industry & over four years case studying my clients, I noticed the common trends for all men across the board, men didn’t know the importance of their values, were unsure how to use their voice, let alone take action on what they truly desired, their relationship had lost spark and connection and overall men were feeling, flat, procrastinated, were stuck in a loop and had lost their MOJO! WHY? Because men didn’t have vision, direction or the strategy to get there .


So, I developed the Mindfit Gym; 5 Phase Method, so men can get back into their hearts and lead a meaningful life. You’ll leave the Mindfit Gym with personal tools, planning, structure and the inner guidance to LEAD YOUR LIFE and moving forward be able to coach yourself.

facilitating mens group blase grinner


Hear why men, like yourself have entered the Mindfit Gym. What they moved through and what they gained from the experience.

How does the Mindfit Gym 3 month; Online Men’s Group Program run?

What you’ll receive:

And, if that’s not enough….
You will also receive $500 off the upcoming BlokesVenture Retreat, on the magical Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Here’s what more men have to say about the Mindfit Gym

Justin Dulihanty

Founder @ The Alpha Code Institute

"A coaches ability to successful shift a client from self-destruction to self-empowerment require a unique set of skills. I deeply believe a man must walk through his own darkness to embody the lessons to lead another man to his own light.

Blase is that man. He creates the safe and powerful space for men to crack themselves open to acknowledge, expose and live their truth. A man of wisdom, a genuine gift for all those who come into contact with him, let alone have the privilege to work under his care and guidance. I appreciate and love you, brother."

David Andrews

Principal consultant @ Sandgate Advisors

"Mindfit for me was genuinely eye opening. I always figured I had good self awareness but working with Blase I got to go deeper into my behaviours, attitudes and actions than I ever had before. I got ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’ and the freedom that way of being opens up is completely nuts. Want to really go deep into what you do and what’s holding you back? I can do that now in the moment not months down the track. It’s still uncomfortable but when you’re in that - that’s where you can change things. I’ve seen Blase Grinner do things and shine a light on people, actions and behaviours that I can’t even describe.

Step into it for yourself and those you love. They’ll see the benefits too."

Brother... Start making the most of tomorrow today!

Some frequently asked questions

If you allow an 30 minutes a day you will be able to complete the 5 Phases in excellence. In saying that, there are many tools and techniques that once learnt, you may wish to implement into your routine and daily rituals which I’ll leave you to determine how long they go for. One of the first modules I’ll teach you is “time management” over your entire life

Firstly, I wish to offer you this, LEADERSHIP is unreasonable. How would your life look if for the next 90 days you made the Mindfit Gym the most important priority in your life? What confidence would you gain by telling the boss that at this time, on this day I need 90 minutes to be on a call that’s in a men’s group coaching program and it means the world to me? How much dependability would you gain in yourself (that you could implement in your family/ business) if you found a way outta no way to make every call.

Secondly, we understand that at times the unforeseeable occurs, and ask you check in with your lead coach and team to let them know you won’t be available and you can catch the replay via recording

Like any situation, if you think you KNOW IT, you’ve lost the game and the universe has a beautiful way to politely kick us up the arse to let us know. There are many various teachings and experiences that will challenge you, test you and have you gain a multitude of new awareness. Our recommendation is to “be the student” once again and sharpen your axe … as it is said, the moment we wish to stop learning, is the moment we die

Blase will be leading the masterclasses and you’ll have the opportunity to be directly coached here, depending on how many Mindfit Gym members are on the call. Your lead coaches are DOPE AF!! They’ve been in the work and are trusted team members. If you’re wanting more niched time with Blase or his team members, we urge you to look into the 1 on 1 mentorship or BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat

“We don’t say MAN UP in the Mindfit Gym, we say STEP UP & STEP IN, step up internally and step in to the work. From one man to another, I’m proud of you for being right here, in the questions of “Where do I go from here? How can I make this possible? “.


” We’ve got you, YOU’VE GOT THIS! ~ Blase Grinner “

Here’s to you taking your 3rd step, changing the trajectory of your life!