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Ready to live on and with purpose

Blase GRINNER​; Founder Initiated: 5 elements to live on purpose


Maybe that’s you – You are in a job that isn’t fulfilling, you are ticking all the societal boxes (house, wife, kids, steady income) but in your heart, you know you could be experiencing more. Life feels like there’s NO MEANING

A piece of the puzzle is missing. You’re “BUSY” though not really productive with your vision and not quite sure where, when or how to start your own “movement”.



I so get it bro, a tradie for 10 years; yet lacked direction. Trying to please EVERYONE though had no clarity in my vision AND DEFINITELY no courage to follow my heart. Until I said FUCK THAT !!! You’re here reading this, so you are thinking it too, am I right?

There’s gotta be more to life? And there so is brother…

This Initiation is for…

This program is for…

Men, who are LEADERS, ready to experience what complete FREEDOM in their life looks like;


Clearer Vision, Greater Impact, More Time and a true meaningful life/existence. A man who lives ON and WITH Purpose. Thriving Abundantly. 


Read on to find out how Initiated can impact you AND the people who mean the most to you, like it has for many men before.


Empowering Men to break free from the “mould”, sculpting and carving out LIFE ON THEIR TERMS, being of service without the Fear or Self-doubt that comes with being a man AKA the provider.


men's coaching on the sunshine coast

Three Month Men’s Group Program –with Blase Grinner & the Men’s Fuel Station Team _Unlock Your Purpose _ Live Your Legacy



The “Rites of Passage” for a modern-day man to UNLOCK his potential and lead purposeful impactful & thriving life– Led by Global Men’s Transformational Coach Blase Grinner

Initiated is a three-Month Men’s immersive journey of action taking and impact making of your Purpose’s Visibility, Direction and Progression. It is the program that will give you a WHOLEistic overview of your life & role as a man, husband, partner, father & businessman.



This initiation inspires men who are ready to create impact and change to ALL areas of their life including the world at large , to LEAD their best life and in turn empowering others to do the same.

An opportunity to follow and lead from your heart, be the example of what LIFE CAN BE by creating both your inner and outer worlds a sanctuary of abundance… bringing to existence the signature on your soul. This is the piece of the puzzle you knew was there but didn’t know how to find, reveal and implement.

the initiated program

This is the journey into “Real” Manhood.

Initiate vision, love deeply, feel deeply, commit, become flexible & spiritually connected.


Learn to be brutally honest when necessary and know when to use your raw masculine power.


Take full responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, speech & actions.



Balance a healthy ego with humility.

This will change your life! We say STEP UP & IN. Step up to “the work” and in to Your Purpose

REAL RESULTS from men just like you


Jason Bluett            Left a high paying overseas Construction salary to start PRIMAL MAN MOVEMENT, gaining his 1st paid client within 3 months of working with Blase and now spends more quality time with his partner and son, has run several men’s retreats, lead podcasts and living FULL TIME in “the work” 


Daniel Evans           As a tradie, had a fear of public speaking, and within 3 months, left construction, runs youth programs, is being paid to speak at schools, workshops and events and whilst creating his movement WALKABOUT WARRIORS was also able to become BIGGER THAN HIS DICK, leaving relationships that didn’t serve him and “dating apps” behind him to call in his Queen


Don Dornbrack       When Covid hit, his car salesman job was placed on hold and within 3 months he has created a FREE 7 day mini course to feed his online coaching, signed his first client, which was his very BLOOD BROTHER and told the car dealership his wasn’t coming back

Hear from men who’ve been on the journey:

Does this sound familiar?

You were taught at school to go get a trade, so you had something to fall back on, insinuating that you are already going to fail. That you won’t “MAKE IT” doing what you REALLY love. AND, if you don’t have a degree or certificate you are not qualified to do that role. Does a “money story” come into play for you and rule your decision making to follow your heart?


Possibly trudging through life/work carrying the resentment of not wanting to be there, mindset like a broken tape recorder that’s heavy AF, leading to chasing external fixes and short-term gratification (aka VICES)


– Alcohol & Drug abuse/porn addiction leading to then being

– An absent, withdrawn partner, father, mate and then also

– Explosive with your emotions, reactive in your behaviour


I just described my life from ages 20-31.

Over your journey in Initiated, through specialised practices, world class methodology and intensive “inner work” you will find the answers to BIG questions like


–   How will I break the “money story”

–   What business model can allow me to do men’s work FULL TIME?

–   How do I find meaning in life & create impact?

–   How do I leave my Job and still provide for my family?

–   How do I find meaning in life & create impact?

–   How do I gain more visibility on social media?

–   How can I manage my stress?

–   BUT, I’m not an entrepreneur or businessman?

–   What is my Purpose, and how can I make that a reality?


This journey is for LEADERS who are committed to be of service, ready to PLAY A BIGGER GAME, but aren’t sure how to make it happen.

Have a burning desire on their heart to give back and a belief that “I can have it all” because if I see it I CAN CREATE IT.


This is NOT for men who are not ready to GO ALL IN & PLAY FULL OUT. Or men who think they have it all figured out and are not willing to have a “student mindset” – you MUST be ready to STAND TRUE for what you believe and ready to take arrows for that


INITIATED, is your hero’s journey. “Only through some form of “death” can the Hero Rediscover”. Brother as you read this, is the high-point of your journey to date, and where everything you

hold dear is put on the line. (thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, behaviours, values, relationships, patterns, actions). Ultimately who you’ve become as a man.

What the journey entails

 Immersive Online Course Platform (Plug in with content released weekly)

12 modules consisting of coaching videos, content, PDF’s, live trainings, challenges and 

 Fortnightly Specialised Coaching Sessions

Live, group “nitty gritty” zoom calls to unravel, unlock and answer any “roadblocks” your facing (recorded for you to keep for life)


 High Level accountability

  • 24/7 access to Blase and/or his team, with a CLOSED personalised Facebook Group
  • Group/ Buddies Systems for your entire journey


After completing your journey, gain ACCESS to the MENS FUEL STATION FIRE CIRCLE. Men, a community, that have been through “the work” and are on the quest to support, build and grow TOGETHER. You’ll gain trainings, coaching’s, events and offerings whilst having a place to be held called forward and CELEBRATED!!


PLUS AS A BONUS, the highly sort after

– BLOKESVENTURE 3 Day Retreat (valued at $1997) Flights not included

3 Day in person “rites of passage” ON THE MAGICAL SUNSHINE COAST, Qld, Australia.

Brother, if not now, when? If not you, then who? The time is NOW and the next step…. That’s your choice. 


This journey can be THAT THING that changed the course and trajectory of your life FOREVER. EVERYTHING I teach was that for me AND for so many men before you, SO MUCH SO, is why I’ve dedicated my entire life to it. Do you wish to Live Life on Your Terms? 


Let’s circle up and GET TO WORK

Still not 100% certain you’re ready?

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